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Over the last decade, we have helped over 400 clients to ship outstanding printed products

The Finitec was founded in 2011 and has specialized in the production of high-quality polypropylene-matt film from its early beginnings relying on the roots of the Nickert Family, who started their business in 1902.
Finitec develops films for the refinement of folded boxes, folders, displays etc. requiring an easily glueable surface.
The films of Finitec, in contrast to conventional standard matt films, have an extremely abrasion and scratch resistant surface. Finitec matt films set new standards for the protection and feel of your printed products, in combination with a supreme, always flawless surface.
Within the film industry Finitec is a modern and uprising service enterprise with on site industrial production.
A dedicated team takes thorough care of on schedule handling of small orders as well as big orders.

The company has modern manufacturing plants (partially in-house developments) which guarantee top of the line quality and efficiency.
With these facilities we achieve long-lasting surface tension, high scratch resistance and exceptionally precise highlights.
In addition the reliability of the production process regarding further processing, such as cutting and winding, is guaranteed.

Finitec supplies national as well as international markets and over the years we have gained many satisfied regular customers who appreciate our high quality, 'made in Germany' film products.

What drives us.

Pride in combining our innovative, important work with modesty and devotion to our core values.


Committed to our tradition, we act with honesty and responsibility. We view our relationships with our customers as well as among the business units and employees as long-term balanced partnerships based on fairness. We stand by our promises.


We are modern and forward-looking in the way we think. We devise new approaches and innovative solutions in consultation with our partners. We are efficient and we keep an eye to our goals and to the future.


Open, interested and committed, we listen and respond to issues that matter to our customers and partners, who are the pivot of all our activities. We do everything with joy and enthusiasm.

Our triad – your benefit.


With our patented production process we create sustainable surfaces. The variations in products and dimensions are endless.


Our research and development team finds suitable solutions individually tailored to your needs. Our laboratory is state-of-the-art. All our lacquers are self-formulated.

Finitec Films

We combine the expertise of both the Durophan & Elixi and extand its benefits to every single part in the world.

I believe in people, because they are the backbone of our business. If they feel respected, appreciated and inspired, they are capable of great things. That’s why we always endeavor to provide a diverse workplace where ideas flow, teamwork is in the air and sparks of creativity fly. In this way, everyone can make their contribution to shaping our future.

— Abderrahim Ait Salem, CAO


Trust, Drive and Enthusiasm are the foundation of the finitec films. We are always faithful to our values, which keeps our people, partners and business in any given situation strong.


Sustainability – resource conservation and waste reduction are very important to us. Our research and development team works day by day to develop alternative raw materials that are biodegradable and renewable.

Our history


Gründung Buchbinderei
Albin Nickert


Walter Nickert


Papier Veredelung
Joachim Winfried Nickert


Thomas Nickert




Handelsgesellschaft mbH


Elixi GmbH
Tim Nickert & Dr. Jörg Nass


Films KG


Finishing Products GmbH

Our Durophan Films

For more than a century, the Nickert Family has been leading the way in the print industry. As a manufacturer and innovator, we offer our customers the best in lamination films through a wide range of products created through ingenuity and adherence to high quality standards. Our dedicated R&D team is constantly researching new technologies and conscientiously meeting new market and industry requirements.

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Our dedicated team will be available to assist you, even outside working hours, to provide you with the immediate attention and service that you deserve!