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Our films set new standards for protection and feel of your printed products, combined with an always-flawless surface.


Since its foundation, Finitec has established itself as one of the qualitative world market leaders in the segment of special films with scratch-resistant surfaces for the packaging market and thus belongs to the circle of hidden champions of the German economy. Our success is due to the fact that, as a distributor with in-house industrial production and research and development, unlike a pure film producer, we know exactly what customers expect from our products and services. Through direct dialogue with our customers, we have a unique understanding of our customers in the market.

Goal oriented

Our declared aim is to meet our clients’ needs and master challenges to fulfill their expectations at all times.
This goal-oriented mindset represents the power and motivation of the Finitec team. Ecological and social sustainability, comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to resource conservation are an integral part of our strategy. While films of inferior quality use several layers of plastic packaging, our customers only need one layer with the Durophan film, despite its thin layer thickness. In addition, the direct bonding of the Durophan film to the outer packaging means that there is no longer any plastic waste during repackaging. We inspire people. We lead our employees with integrity and respect. This leads to exceptional results.


A highly motivated and innovative team of experts at Finitec deals with the development of our products and the production engineering on a daily basis. This is how we guarantee continuous progress and evolution. With our patented production process, we create sustainable surfaces. The variations in products and dimensions are endless. Our research and development team find suitable solutions individually tailored to your needs. Our laboratory is state-of-the-art. All our lacquers are self-formulated. Sustainability - resource conservation and waste reduction are very important to us. Our research and development team work day by day to develop alternative raw materials that are biodegradable and renewable.

Staying ahead of the game

Silent but efficient

As a manufacturer and inventor, Finitec offers our customers the best in the film industry through a wide range of products manufactured through innovation and adherence to high quality standards. Our team is dedicated to permanently researching new technologies and conscientiously meeting new market and industry requirements.

Great achievements come from strong alliances. Thanks to the marvelous partnership and cooperation with Durophan and Elixi, we are able to provide a wide range of products and fulfill the needs of our customers. The family business has been on the market since 1902. First through a bookbindery, then through a print finishing company and ultimately as a special film producer.

In us you will find an honest business partner with humane business practices, friendly customer service, a dedicated sales team and technical assistance. We provide consistent order fulfillment and punctual delivery at all times. From the first inquiry to delivery.

Always on time

With an overall area of over 10,000 square meters, our private property offers enough space to guarantee an optimal work environment and logistics infrastructure.

We have a large warehouse which extends over two floors. The manufacturing hall is climatically sealed to ensure a constant temperature, which is essential for our quality control.

A state-of-the-art laboratory allows us to take samples, perform analyses and develop technological innovations. Our machinery includes several coating machines & slitting machines.

Two packing units ensure that orders are processed very efficiently. Two truck entrances and exits ensure a quick loading and unloading of the freight.

A dedicated team of professionals

Our operators are educated professionals and have years of experience. The employees are always brought up to date regularly by schoolings.

We assign areas of responsibility to our people, so everyone can make his or her contribution and be part of the enterprise. This strategy ensures outstanding results.

We value our employees tremendously and are deeply grateful for their contributions. Daily briefings and monthly meetings ensure transparency and appreciation.

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“Finitec will really take your product packaging to the next level. The Durophan films provide a high-quality look and feel, while keeping the surface free from scratches and finger prints!”

— Thomas Nickert, CEO of Finitec

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